WCP Laboratories, Inc.

    WCP Laboratories, P.C. is a privately owned, client-centric laboratory uniquely positioned to please our customers…not investors.  We provide our
     clients with state-of-the-art technology, superior expertise and personal attention. We take the time and energy to build lasting and honorable relationships
     with our clinicians.

   We take very seriously our commitment to excellence in everything we do.  We understand that every decision we make, every test we perform, impacts the     
   lives of our neighbors, our physicians, the families we serve and the professionals we work with in partnership.   

   Why use WCP Laboratories?   

 √  Most advanced molecular diagnostics testing in the Midwest. 

 √  24 hour turn-around on routine cases.

 √  STAT and RUSH cases are picked up immediately by our couriers to expedite results.

 √  Personal care, expertise and consultations are delivered by our pathologists.

 √  We offer on-site frozen sections.

 √  Extensive insurance coverage.  We are contracted with virtually all health insurance companies.

 √  We call malignant tumors and unexpected results immediately as a courtesy to the physician and to expedite the timely 
      treatment of the patient.

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Dr. Mark A. Hurt named President of the American Society of Dermatopathology 2014-2015